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Triple-T is a small, family owned

business that was established in 

1980 by the original owner, 

Bob Throckmorton. Having bought many expensive and ill fitting halters himself, Bob set out to create an affordable, yet well made, horse halter. The results were the well fitting and attractive Triple-T DIAMOND halter and a line of double ply dog collars and matching leashes.


Triple T Halters has exchanged hands a few times since being established. Marion Sumney was the most recent owner until 2023 when Rachel and Adam Lorenz acquired it along with their four children! Since then many new items were added to the product line.

Sewing Machine


Each Triple-T item is individually cut and sewn.

No "cams" are used in our sewing machines, therefore each item is unique. Items are cut from quality, heavy weight nylon webbing and are sewn with white, 100% polyester thread. The hardware is brass plated and made from zinc dye cast metal, stamped or welded steel, unless otherwise stated.

Triple T items are guaranteed for 1 year from the purchase date. Simply return the item to us, with the original dated sales slip, for repair or replacement. As a matter of courtesy, please wash the item first or a laundering fee will apply.

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